Wednesday, September 09, 2009
Spanking Soon?
I am so in need of one, it isn't funny - but then I've definitely said that before. Is it terrible I am considering driving some 2 hours just to see 'him' and push enough buttons that I will wind up over his knee.....


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Monday, September 07, 2009
Spanking With the Bath Brush
Whoa! And Ouch!! LOL

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Saturday, September 05, 2009
Yummy Spanking Videos

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009
One Heck of a Spanking
Lookie at what I found tonight..... wow!

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Where Have I Been? Awesome Spanking Blog!
Was bored a few nights ago, so started following links on some of my favorite spanking blogs. As it usually does, I just keep following and I am never sure how I got to where I am. Often, I find abandoned blogs, and blogs that are nothing more than reposts and stuff we've all seen a million times.

I found my new favorite blog - honestly - Old Fashion Girl Spanking
The blog rocks, totally new - fresh and unique! Plus, even with my man in uniform spanking me fetish, I would NOT mind being spanked by a "cowboy"!

Not to mention, if I ever wish to appear in videos or pictures and stay fairly anonymous, I just realized how easy it would be!

PLUS, I need some of this kind of help:

Run, run now - go check it out!! Old Fashion Girl Spanking
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Tuesday, August 18, 2009
Meet Chris and Danielle M/f - Just a piece...
So I write for a living and I normally am working on fictional novels when I am not churning out work. Several years ago I decided to try my hand at a little erotica while working on another novel during NaNoWriMo. The problem is, my spanking fetish is so bad, that I absolutely have to include spanking in any work of romance or erotica that I write. Yeah, I'm that girl. LOL

I would really love to finish this and get it published. This is just once scene I've written so far (this is about halfway through the book) LOL
There has been NO editing and this is it in its original roughest form. I didn't even re-read it to post it because I was worried I'd change my mind (I get that way with some writing).

I'd love to hear/know what you think, and if you think it has the ability to actually become something if cleaned up and edited a little (and of course finished, since this isn't much.) Also, please keep in mind that Lora Leigh (an author I adore) writes books that are pretty descriptive this way, with dominant men, etc... I absolutely devour them, over and over again. With me feeling this way, it makes me think that others must... so maybe this is something.

Here we go... it is still untitled.

“Do you want a spanking?” he stared hard looking at her.
“Maybe...” Danielle grinned with a twinkle in her eye. She wasn't just feeling sassy, she was feeling down right frisky.
“Maybe if you keep that sassy mouth up, you'll find yourself over my knee for a bit. Are you sure that is what you want?” Chris' bright green eyes darkened and she heard the change in his voice. Suddenly Danielle realized he might not be playing her game.
“Uhm....Not really.” she mumbled, disappointed.
“Pardon?” he asked a little louder. A lot louder.
Danielle looked around and noticed a few eyes on her as Chris raised his voice.
“No sir. I don't.” she said quietly and swallowed, and then gaining just a little courage for a moment, looked Chris squarely in the eyes and proclaimed “I'll just go sit on the couch and not talk to anyone, that should make you happy.”

Chris watched her walk away and knew it was time to do something. Her mouth had been getting worse and worse as of late. The sassy attitude was most likely the result of the extra time she was able to spend with friends and his busy schedule that kept him unable to deal with her often enough. He knew at that moment it was time to deal with her and swiftly. He strode across the room and took her by the elbow just before she turned to plop down on the couch. Her whole body was sulky and angry, until she felt his hand on her arm. She turned to look up at him, and immediately caught the both calm and restrained look on his face. She glanced into his eyes for a brief moment seeing the anger. She knew that she had gone too far. She had been pushing his buttons for days, and she really didn't know why. She knew now it didn't matter why, because even if she felt like she had a good reason, he certainly wasn't going to listen. Not with that expression. And besides, she definitely did not have a good reason.

He led her from her friend's house and straight to the car. She couldn't believe he meant to take her out of the party, to leave her friends. She didn't even get to say goodbye. She began to argue and protest, and he delivered a hard smack to her rear before pushing her into the car and slamming the door shut behind her.

On the way home she sat pouting. Something Chris was certain he would take good and care of when he got her home. She knew better than to run her mouth, so she sat there sullen and pouty while he was left to think about exactly how to deal with his errant voice.

“You get your ass upstairs, now.” Chris turned the car off and pressed the button for the garage door to close. For a second, Danielle's stubborn streak kicked in again, and she crossed her arms in defiance. She figured she could just sit there and he'd go inside and cool off and then it wouldn't be so bad. Chris swung the his car door open suddenly, and without a word slammed it shut. She let out a big breath, and realized she'd been holding it. She looked towards the window of his car to see if he was in the house yet, but he was gone.
Without warning, her car door swung open, he reached across her and released the seat belt with one swift move. His strong grip wrapped around her arm as he yanked her from the car. He pushed her down across the trunk and delivered a dozen hard spanks to her bottom, which started her in her pleading effort of “I'm sorry, I'll be good, I swear. The problem is, Chris had heard it all before, and he knew the only way to get rid of the sassy and stubborn streak was to take the bull by the horns, so to speak. He released her again, and then leaned in close to her ear as her hand went back to rub her bottom from the stinging smacks.
“You will get your ass inside, or it's going to be much worse for you. Do you understand me?”
Danielle decide not to test her luck any further, and simply nodded in agreement and began walking toward the door to the house. She could feel him following closely behind her, and she knew this wouldn't be an easy one. At that moment, she was trying to figure out why she did this all the time. She knew what that ramifications for sassiness were. She knew how Chris dealt with her, yet here she was about to face another long session with her husband for her stupid behavior that she could have controlled if she had even tried.
She began climbing the stairs to their bedroom slowly, as he closed and locked the door behind her. She heard him press the buttons on the alarm, and she knew that they were in for the night.... a long night. Never a good sign.

As she got to the top of the stairs, Chris quickly climbed them two at a time, reaching her right outside the bedroom door. He grabbed her wrist, and without hesitation, drug her to the bed where he quickly placed her over his knee. She hadn't seen it coming so there was no struggle until she found herself staring at the comforter on the bed. And then it started. He began spanking her quickly and firmly. He didn't stop, he didn't lecture, he just spanked.
Danielle clenched her fists, and closed her eyes. It hurt terribly, but she knew this was only the beginning. She needed to save her strength. Just as she was beginning to feel the urge to reach back, oh how it stung, he stopped.

He stood her up on her feet, and reached for the button of her jeans. Releasing the button, he pushed her jeans down to her knees and then just as quickly as before, grabbed her wrist pulling her over his lap. Again, he resumed spanking her panty covered bottom. He could see the pink around the sides of the panties, and he knew she was already feeling it pretty well. He also knew he wasn't spanking as he normally did. He was giving her one hell of a good paddling with his hand. He hadn't started off all that soft, and he could tell by the twisting and shifting of her body that there was no doubt she felt it.

Without a word, he reached forward grabbing her hairbrush off the night stand. She hated the wicked thing, but he knew that Danielle would remember it longer. It had a way of reminding her who the boss was. He grabbed the waistband of her panties dragging them down to her knees. Her cheeks clenched in anticipation and when the first hard stroke of the brush fell, it had her howling. By the twentieth, she was begging for him to stop, desperately reaching back to cover as he took her hand and pinned it to her back and continued spanking her without stopping. Danielle was fighting tears and taking big gulping breaths. That wicked brush hurt and was a lot nicer brushing her hair. She was twisting and howling and begging him to stop. She was so close to tears, she could hardly stand it. And just as she thought she might actually cry, it stopped.

He helped her to her feet and immediately her hands started rubbing her bottom. He stood up and replaced the brush on the nightstand. He undid his belt buckle and when Danielle heard the sound of the leather snaking through the loops her eyes widened and she took several steps back.

“No Chris! I'm sorry, I really am. I learned my lesson. I will be good, and I won't talk to you like that anymore.”

Chris knew she was probably serious but new the effects from a hair brush spanking might only last for a couple of days at best. Using his belt would more than likely garner him a week or two until he would once again have to put his wife over his knee.

He pulled the small stop stool out from beneath the bed, and propped his left leg up bracing himself on the stool. He patted his leg with left hand indicating it was where he wanted her. She just stood there.

He reached for her hand, and she paused. His eyes narrowed and his face darkened. She saw the look and she knew not to make him angry because it would be ten times worse. She took his hand. And he jerked her up and over his knee. She hated this position as there was little control. All she could do was brace herself with her hands flat on the bed. He pushed her forward until he had her exactly where he wanted her and then doubled the belt up in his hand. He wrapped his left hand around her waist and let the belt fall loosely in his right hand. He tightened the grip on the buckle, lifted his arm and aimed for the meatiest part of her already red bottom. She yelped, as he expected. Again the doubled up leather bit into the lower part of her bottom, and she jerked. He gave her fifteen hard strokes with that belt and by the seventh stroke she had tears in her eyes and the comforter was bunched between her fists. By the fifteenth she was crying out each time, pleading with him, begging him and making less sense each time.

He stood her up and threw the belt back on the bed. Sitting back down he once again took her over his knee and gave her thirty hard smacks with his hand. She was practically wailing at this point, as her legs were flying up released from the constraints of her jeans and panties. Gently he rested his hand on her hot bottom and began caressing her. She moaned under his softened touch. He worked his hand down until he pushed two fingers inside of her and felt the liquid heat that always seemed to be there right after a good spanking. She wiggled as he worked them in and out of her several times, sighing and moaning. He could feel with every stroke how ready she was for him, how easily she understood that she needed to be punished. He removed his fingers and she cried out for him “Chris!”

He slid out from underneath her and lifted her legs fully onto the bed. Sitting beside her again, he resumed his exploring with his fingers, in and out he worked them, hard and fast, then soft and slow... on her stomach she was grinding her hips into the bed as he worked on her. He continued to caress and explore as he eased her leg over and had her on her back. And he couldn't hold back any longer, he needed to taste her. He leaned forward flicking his tongue over her clit as he continued to stroke her on the inside. Licking, tasting, touching. He undressed as he continued to pleasure her. He wasn't even sure she had noticed. She arched her hips as he continued to bury himself between her thighs, feeling the heat of her burning flesh and building her pleasure until he almost couldn't stand another moment. He had to have her now.
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Monday, August 17, 2009
Naughty Thoughts

Oh my goodness. I am currently in the middle of a chat session with D and I'm so wet right now I could scream. He always had a way.....

All I want is to see him, have him take my pants down and spank me until I'm begging him to stop. The problem is, I want more than that, and I cannot have it. It's another one of those "weird" situations.

This relationship I am in, the one NOT involving D, really needs to work itself out or I am going to be doing things I shouldn't.

Why does this thing control me?
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Sunday, August 16, 2009
Birthday Spankings

Haha, I have a friend that knows about my little fetish, and he figured out my birthday is coming up.
He "ordered" me to appear at an event the day after my birthday to present myself for a birthday spanking.

It's funny, because while the thought made me tingle for all of about a minute, I realized that is NOT who I want to spank me, and I'm certainly looking for a little more intimate a situation than a public event where all our friends will be....

Would rather it be in private, and a good long coming one.... ahhh...
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Friday, August 14, 2009
The Cookie Jar
I just discovered a new blog and she very obviously lives the lifestyle. She has spanking clips all over her blog. I absolutely love it, she's so candid, real and forward. Just the way I like the blogs.

Go check her out and tell her I sent you. (and boy do I wish I had a husband like that!!!)

And be sure and watch her AWESOME spanking clips... I so wish I could do that.
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Thursday, August 13, 2009
So Damn Lonely...
I hate being in this fetish alone. I miss having a partner who respects what I wanted/craved/desired.

I feel more alone that I ever have in my situation since I'm actually with someone that I do love and care about. The problem is, trying to figure out if love is enough when I want this in my relationship too.

I almost wish, yet I don't... that D had not contacted me the other night. Hearing his voice makes me crave it, want it, desire it.... I'm so screwed.

I haven't done anything wrong per say, just emotionally I am still very much involved with D no matter how much I keep telling myself I'm not. I adored him, I respected him, and I loved that he jumped on the bandwagon when I told him the truth about my fetish. And that was only after a few damn months. My current relationship has been going on for damn near 3 1/2 years now and nothing.... absolutely nothing....

So how long do I stay, when I'm this damn lonely.

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